Meet The Management Team.

Kevin Clemmons
Kevin ClemmonsOnline Strategist
Kevin has been developing websites and working with online marketing since 1996. He also brings over 8 years of experience in Finance and understands numbers and a businesses’ bottom line. With this experience, he is results focused and is able to tie in numbers to online marketing for quality results. “Integrity and Honesty matter more to me then anything. He enjoys hanging out with his wife and son as well as being a leader in Young Life.
Allison Futch
Allison FutchMarketing Strategist
Allison brings over 15 years of print, tv, radio and other media experience to Aqua Blue Studios. Her extensive media background provides a great asset to the company in knowing many forms of media and how we can work collaboratively to create a full marketing mix for our clients “I want to make sure we have a complete marketing matrix so everything is working in conjunction with each other. ”She enjoys spending time with her family and friends.
Kara Clemmons
Kara ClemmonsProject Manager
Kara bring over 10 years of experience in traditional print and digital media to Aqua Blue Studios. Kara knows how to get the details right and make sure every campaign runs as smoothly as possible. She oversees every aspect of the business from “Think Tank” strategizing, campaign performance tracking, utilizing her writing skills on sites and blogs, all the way down to billing. “We want the best for our clients and their businesses. I love seeing a campaign start as an idea, watch it become a reality and progress all the way to quantifiable results!” She enjoys time with her husband Kevin and son. She is also a leader with Young Life in Forsyth County.
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AmySocial Media / Graphic Designer
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Strategic Partners

Julie Stewart
Julie StewartSales and Marketing Partner
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Located in the wonderful city of Cumming, GA. We help clients across the globe.

We Exemplify Creativity,Experience and areResults Driven.

From not nickel and diming our clients over a small change to making sure we do our due diligence before a large scale campaign we always hold your interest first.

We Are Creative

We deliver cutting-edge solutions to adapt to a world that changes everyday.  From engaging websites to the latest online marketing platforms we have it all.


Our staff is what makes us who we are. We are a group of diverse individuals from all different marketing backgrounds that aim to create well rounded and workable marketing campaigns that bring your business results.

Results Driven

With Aqua Blue Studios, you are not just getting your regular old online marketing company.  You are getting a dedicated team that strives for real results.

Together, We Can Create a Meaningful Strategy

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Integrity

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